It’s election time, sober up, turn off Dancing and pay attention

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It is obvious there are millions who still do not see the perilous imbalance of government versus small business and the America citizen tax payer. There are those who truly believe, or to borrow their term “feel”, I am wrong in stating capitalism with freedom to start, grow and profit is what made and would continue to make America great.

If you are one I do not forgive your foolishness.

My 10 year old small business and 14 employees are gone because of reckless abandon masterminded by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Disagree all you like the facts are the facts and voting records and history of introduced legislation are accurate.

I’m more than a little disgruntled at “both sides of the isle” yet I am outraged at the left and their very successful power grabs and damnation of the business people who provided jobs and benefits. I don’t go by D or R or even L. I go by voting record and hell bent on socializing America.

We are no longer on the road to socialism, we have been greatly socialized over the last several years, >>including during the Bush years<<, with a massive crescendo of fraud perpetrated on the inattentive sheeple under the current administration.

In fact the last 2 years under Obama, Pelosi and Reid has seen a wholesale assassination of free enterprise. Again, disagree if you insist but you’re dead wrong.

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If we tried to start The Home Depot today, it’s a stone cold certainty that it would never have gotten off the ground.

Stop Bashing Business, Mr. President

If we tried to start The Home Depot today, it’s a stone cold certainty that it would never have gotten off the ground.

Although I was glad that you answered a question of mine at the Sept. 20 town-hall meeting you hosted in Washington, D.C., Mr. President, I must say that the event seemed more like a lecture than a dialogue. For more than two years the country has listened to your sharp rhetoric about how American businesses are short-changing workers, fleecing customers, cheating borrowers, and generally “driving the economy into a ditch,” to borrow your oft-repeated phrase.

My question to you was why, during a time when investment and dynamism are so critical to our country, was it necessary to vilify the very people who deliver that growth? Instead of offering a straight answer, you informed me that I was part of a “reckless” group that had made “bad decisions” and now required your guidance, if only I’d stop “resisting” it.




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