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Samsung vs. Apple: Corporate Warfare the Sequel

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Isn’t it amazing how times change and so do the contestants on the battlefield for your consumer dollar changes? For that matter as the products change we see small players explode onto the scene and challenge companies who, only months before, would have bought them and gutted them just to shut them up.

Well, that’s not what’s happening here – this is more bloody that that!

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Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

The Korean phone giant said it would file suit against the iPhone 4S in France and Italy, in a bid to ban the phones less than a day after it was announced, adding fuel to the fire in the intensifying row.





ZDnet: Dump the iPad?

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It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Apple, Mac or iPhone/Pad/Pod – not to mention Steve Jobs. Although I did register the name iCobb for my business back in 1998 so i”stuff” is cool.

Why is this ZDnet author dumping the iPad for the Android powered Samsung Galaxy?

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10 reasons why I’m dumping the iPad for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

But I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the iPad from the beginning. I love the form factor and the ease of connecting to a network and setting up my Exchange email account. But I hate the lack of storage expansion, its frustrating inability to display Flash-based Web sites, and the difficulty of entering text on its keyboard. And it’s still just a tad heavier and bulkier than I’d really prefer for the uses to which I put it. Most of all, I hate Apple’s ironclad control over what apps I can install.