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ZDnet: Dump the iPad?

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It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Apple, Mac or iPhone/Pad/Pod – not to mention Steve Jobs. Although I did register the name iCobb for my business back in 1998 so i”stuff” is cool.

Why is this ZDnet author dumping the iPad for the Android powered Samsung Galaxy?

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10 reasons why I’m dumping the iPad for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

But I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the iPad from the beginning. I love the form factor and the ease of connecting to a network and setting up my Exchange email account. But I hate the lack of storage expansion, its frustrating inability to display Flash-based Web sites, and the difficulty of entering text on its keyboard. And it’s still just a tad heavier and bulkier than I’d really prefer for the uses to which I put it. Most of all, I hate Apple’s ironclad control over what apps I can install.