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Facebook: Still run by children, not likely to grow up

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I have again and again challenged Facebook on their childish approach to running their multi-billion dollar industry satisfactorily. One of my guests, a college friend of the Facebook founder, became quite animated and offended when I accused Facebook of being operated like a child’s game of checkers where the rules change daily in favor of the board owner.

Let’s face it, Facebook is a great tool but so very immature in so very many ways.

(Don’t shoot Ken, he’s only the messenger.) Or if you do shoot you can expect him to fire back.

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Facebook’s business is built on trust, but that trust has been shaken over the past few weeks by criticism and speculation regarding how it uses browser cookies to get data about users.

Since the launch of social plugins and before, Facebook has left cookies on the browsers of people who sign up for accounts as well as anyone else who visits These cookies are used to protect the site against hacking attempts and to show logged in users what their friends have Liked on third-party sites, the company has repeatedly said.

The fact that Facebook had to comment directly on three blog posts in an attempt to debunk speculation shows there is a lack of clear documentation explaining its use of cookies. By publishing its responses as governing documents and making them easy to find, Facebook could address users’ questions before they draw their own, sometimes-negative conclusions about the company’s intentions.