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Facebook: Still run by children, not likely to grow up

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I have again and again challenged Facebook on their childish approach to running their multi-billion dollar industry satisfactorily. One of my guests, a college friend of the Facebook founder, became quite animated and offended when I accused Facebook of being operated like a child’s game of checkers where the rules change daily in favor of the board owner.

Let’s face it, Facebook is a great tool but so very immature in so very many ways.

(Don’t shoot Ken, he’s only the messenger.) Or if you do shoot you can expect him to fire back.

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Facebook’s business is built on trust, but that trust has been shaken over the past few weeks by criticism and speculation regarding how it uses browser cookies to get data about users.

Since the launch of social plugins and before, Facebook has left cookies on the browsers of people who sign up for accounts as well as anyone else who visits These cookies are used to protect the site against hacking attempts and to show logged in users what their friends have Liked on third-party sites, the company has repeatedly said.

The fact that Facebook had to comment directly on three blog posts in an attempt to debunk speculation shows there is a lack of clear documentation explaining its use of cookies. By publishing its responses as governing documents and making them easy to find, Facebook could address users’ questions before they draw their own, sometimes-negative conclusions about the company’s intentions.





Is Google+ Destroying Facebook’s Dreams?

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I am not a fan of either the methodology of Facebook or their PR style. That said I am interested in the War of the Behemoths …

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Google Plus Is DESTROYING Facebook’s Dreams, And Facebook Isn’t Playing Fair

What’s so interesting about this is that Facebook is handling the attack in precisely the WRONG way. It’s alienating users, rather than being a gentleman. 

One program simply collects your friends list, but Facebook allegedly found that unacceptable. 




Facebook “fatigue”? That’s a new one.

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Has Facebook reached the natural cap for users? This article seems to assert that possibility. Then again maybe all of Roger Ebert’s fan(s) quit.

Speaking of which, what about his page being deleted then re-opened? Think the kids at FB thumbed him because they didn’t know he had clout with a couple of people? Or how did he get turned back on so quickly?

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Decline In Users Hints At ‘Facebook Fatigue’

Facebook is said to have suffered a second successive slump in users in America and Britain, leading some to suggest people are tiring of the ubiquitous social media site.

Social networking site Facebook appears to be losing more and more North American and UK users

Roughly half the UK population has signed up




Is Google really ready for Facebook war?

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We know Google wants to be Skynet and what anarcho-capitalist wouldn’t? The question is are they really ready for the war? Facebook is an unconventional giant. They prove regularly the petulance of youth, even if that is an exaggeration, as they make decisions with seeming disregard for their users. The question is does Facebook know how to fight conventionally or will a war with Google mean a new giant called Foogle where Larry Page ends up as nothing more than a face-puppet for the new, dominant force?

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Google CEO Page homes in on social networking

Memo to Google workers is said to tie employee bonuses to social success

Facebook, with more than 500 million users, is the largest social networking site in the world. That alone is a threat to Google, which wants users to spend their time on Google sites.




Yes, Facebook was down again today

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What did that down time expose? Hmmm …. previews of secrets? You decide …

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New Facebook Features Exposed in Accidental Update

Facebook accidentally went live with a handful of prototype features earlier today, including a site-wide yet short-lived overhaul of Pages.

Roughly 45 minutes after the mistaken update, Facebook disabled the site, reverted back to its previous state and then tweeted apologetically about the downtime. But that brief span of time was enough for Facebook members and Page admins to get a sneak peak at new features in the works.

Facebook admitted to pushing features before their time. “Also, some internal prototypes were exposed to people and resulted in us disabling the site briefly. It’s now back to normal,” read a tweet from Facebook.




Facebook worm exposing you to chaos

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Okay, chaos is a bit strong. Still the worm is gaining strength. How do you sop it? Simple – don’t engage it.

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Facebook infested with new worm; More proof site is insecure?

Facebook is littered with a worm, seemingly the same one under different names, created by randomly generated developers, which is spreading links all over the site.

Applications like S22BZ5 created by randomly assigned pseudonym ‘Jackson Lasseter’ has nearly 300 people under the grips of the worm. Others, such as replicated application B5DA8G, 9IHJ35 and AU0ZVE have just under 1,000 people inadvertently spreading the worm.

Just in the last 24 hours, I have seen my own friends’ list infiltrated by these worm applications which set status messages via the application without the knowledge of the profile owner, through a shortened link service with an infected GIF file.