Alibaba Buying Yahoo?

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In case you aren’t familiar with Alibaba they are the Hong Kong based company who made history in 2007 with the second largest internet based IPO of, I believe it was $1.7billion, only surpassed by Google’s IPO at the time.

That said, Jack Ma’s amazing vision is now, realistically, positioned well to consummate just such a purchase.

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Alibaba’s Ma ‘Very Interested’ in Buying Yahoo

Ma said he’s had discussions with Yahoo, as well as other
potential buyers, without identifying them. The executive, whose
company is 40 percent owned by Yahoo, spoke at an event at
Stanford University near Palo Alto, California.

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Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma

Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma

Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg





I Told You So

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Let me repeat myself at the risk of sounding crude, “I told you so.”

No Federal program is ever going to rescue the economy or people’s futures from their failed pasts. Never. It is inherently, sociologically impossible. This is just another failed social program created for one purpose only: to buy votes. Only this time it failed before the deal could be consummated.

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U.S. Mortgage-Aid Program Is Shutting Down, With Up to $500 Million Unspent

“They dragged and dragged their feet,” Mr. Frank said in an interview. “I believe it was not one of their priorities.”

The combination of these rules, housing counselors said, disqualified a large number of people who had gone through their savings and fallen behind on mortgage payments. Nor have all of the applicants who met the qualifications been approved for the loan.




Google is not a demigod. Or not.

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When called to “testify” in front of Congress it’s not like being asked, “Did you wash your hands? Did you use soap?” by your mommy. How does Google *not* “cook the search results” would be a more accurate question and elicit better honesty. Like my mom used to ask, “Which soap did you use when you washed your hands?” No getting around that one, if that bar of soap was not wet … you just got busted.

So, Google, which soap did you use?

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Schmidt denies Google ‘cooks’ search results, says it serves the users

As Google’s Eric Schmidt testifies before a Senate committee inquiring into the company’s search practices, he is facing many questions about the way that its search product works.

To this, Schmidt replied:

First, we built search for users, not websites, and no matter what we do, there will always be some websites unhappy with where they rank. Search is subjective, and there‟s no “correct” set of search results. Our scientific process is designed to provide the answers that consumers will find most

To this end, Schmidt was saying that certain answers, like stock results and maps, would simply be delivered straight to the consumer instead of being delivered as a result that led to another site. Schmidt said that this was in order to serve the consumer faster with the information that they required.




Yahoo without Bartz – hope for recovery?Or “who cares”!

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Frankly I don’t care. Yahoo has gone so far to the “hate big business support socialism” side of the map I’m hoping they will just go ahead and sell what’s left. Could I have done better? Absolutely – because I know how to sell, know how to develop a team that’s excited to perform for me and I don’t cuss you during pep rallies.

Adios Bartz. You’ve just been fired: over the phone.

If you guys at Yahoo are ready for a CEO who believes in fostering an atmosphere of power and growth I’m available. Maybe not for you but I’m available.

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Yahoo’s Bartz era: The non-stop drama in her own words

Carol Bartz joined Yahoo as CEO with high hopes, a few F-bombs and a no-nonsense style. But Bartz was ultimately sunk by a drama-go-round that never ended. Yahoo never quite got its act together even though Bartz made some solid moves to set the company on better footing.

I am very sad to tell you that I’ve just been fired over the phone by Yahoo’s Chairman of the Board. It has been my pleasure to work with all of you and I wish you only the best going forward.

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I would call this an act of war

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When a government of one nation possesses the power to affect the citizens of another nation and they use it – that’s an act of war. Or in my opinion it is. Just because the act took place in digital space makes it no less interruptive to the flow of business or the privacy of the citizens of the nation affected.

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Hackers acquire Google certificate, could hijack Gmail accounts

Repeat of Comodo affair last March; foreign government may be behind theft, says researcher

Computerworld – Hackers have obtained a digital certificate good for any Google website from a Dutch certificate provider, a security researcher said today.




Short Sale Fraud, really?

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This may sound like I’m throwing real estate agents under the bus but I am. Just not the ones who are my friends or want to be my friend …

Freddie, Realtors Look to Stop Short-Sale Fraud

Freddie Mac’s fraud investigation unit is reaching out to Realtor associations and real estate agents to educate them about how to prevent fraudulent short-sale activities from taking place.

“By concealing the higher offer, short-sale fraud worsens losses to home sellers, Freddie Mac and taxpayers,” the Freddie Mac employees said. “It also throws another wrench into the housing recovery by undermining the trust and transparency at the core of any real estate transaction.”




Patch up your patchy Apache

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Apache isn’t new to vulnerability exploitations. But when a major announcement goes out you had better pay attention. Follow the links to see if you are affected and what to do then come say hi. Looking for technical, communications and marketing guest bloggers at the fairly high traffic and

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‘Kill tool’ released for unpatched Apache server vulnerability

The open-source Apache Foundation has warned that attack tool has been released for a serious vulnerability in the Apache HTTPD Web Server.

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