Google is not a demigod. Or not.

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When called to “testify” in front of Congress it’s not like being asked, “Did you wash your hands? Did you use soap?” by your mommy. How does Google *not* “cook the search results” would be a more accurate question and elicit better honesty. Like my mom used to ask, “Which soap did you use when you washed your hands?” No getting around that one, if that bar of soap was not wet … you just got busted.

So, Google, which soap did you use?

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Schmidt denies Google ‘cooks’ search results, says it serves the users

As Google’s Eric Schmidt testifies before a Senate committee inquiring into the company’s search practices, he is facing many questions about the way that its search product works.

To this, Schmidt replied:

First, we built search for users, not websites, and no matter what we do, there will always be some websites unhappy with where they rank. Search is subjective, and there‟s no “correct” set of search results. Our scientific process is designed to provide the answers that consumers will find most

To this end, Schmidt was saying that certain answers, like stock results and maps, would simply be delivered straight to the consumer instead of being delivered as a result that led to another site. Schmidt said that this was in order to serve the consumer faster with the information that they required.




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