I laugh – the Apples think HP signals end of competition

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Let’s face it, HP has great success in the document world – floundering in the computer hardware world from beginning to present. Apple is indeed vicious in their attack and trying to dominate the sphere through force. That just means they know the prize is valuable and makes some start-up out there think of the way to succeed in spite of the constant assault of litigation.

If I were funding a start-up in the mobile technology world I’d suggest something Apple never has seemed to get right: listen to your fans as well as your critics. Don’t be so grovish.

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TouchPad fire sale sets off flurry of purchases

HP sent crowds of geeks to queue in front of retailers over the weekend after it abandoned the TouchPad, a tablet computer, and retailers were forced to sell them for $99 — a $300 discount and well below cost.

Then, word came overnight that stores, namely Best Buy, would have some inventory this morning. Who can turn down a $99 tablet? Not me.




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