SkyNet is your friend …

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A reference to Terminator for those not familiar, SkyNet is the great mechanical collective making war on the human race. I really don’t equate Google with SkyNet but for their competition it may, at time, seem that way.

Google versus Apple and RIM. That’s what this war is. Apple just won a suit against HTC for patent infringement but that won’t matter to Google because they didn’t gobble up HTC, they gobbled up (shall we soon change that to googled up?) Motorola Mobility.

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Google’s Motorola acquisition: Nail in the Android patent coffin?

Google on Monday announced plans to acquire handset maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash.

Google is to become a mobile manufacturer — competing with Apple and Research in Motion directly.

Putting these together, Google is paying a huge price for the handset manufacturer — to build dedicated Google handsets for the Android operating system.




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