Droidmobile causes havoc

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Well, not exactly. I just thought to use a little sensationalism on a hot and humid Atlanta Friday afternoon. I reality, though, the Google car did collide with another Prius. The article is worth reading because of why they thought the Google Prius may have kissed into another Prius.

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This is Google’s first self-driving car crash

Yet Google has never answered the question of who’s ultimately responsible for any accidents that happen while the software controls the vehicle. There’s a driver in all of Google’s tests who can take control, and probably gets the ticket in this case — but Google imagines these vehicles spreading far beyond its corporate campus. Google can’t be hoping to have its software legally blamed for a slice of the traffic crashes that cost more than $160 billion a year in this country. Yet if the operators of Google’s self-driving cars retain all legal responsibility, simply turning the system on would be seen in court as a sign they weren’t paying attention.




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