PayPal targeted for attack by hacker groups

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I want to say a lot – most of it would be negative so formulate your own opinions.

I will say this: full force and authority of the law with swift justice. Or shoot to kill, whichever.

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Hacker Groups Anonymous and LulzSec Target PayPal, ‘Operation PayPal’ (#OpPayPal) Launched


#OpPayPal (Operation PayPal) has been launched by the Anonymous and LulzSec hacker groups in the name of AntiSec (Anti Security Movement). In order to payback the “corrupt corporation”, @AnonymousIRC and @LulzSec (Lulz Security)announced their direct, legal action against the world’s largest online payment company on Twitter, where #OpPayPal is now a trending topic. According to AntiSec, PayPal withheld payments from being delivered to WikiLeaks and now they are up in digital arms. Read the first statement from Anonymous below:




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