Group contributed blogs. Good, bad and ugly.

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I have done this successfully and participated in blogs that were done both successfully and not so. Here are some tips, most of these points I agree with, about running a blog (or any type of community site) where multiple people will be contributing.

I can tell you this – you cannot MAKE people post a certain number of times per week, month or even year. If you want to do that, pay them. You spend a bit of time massaging egos and people post – you try to pressure them to post they say “buzz off” and leave.

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Hesham runs a Thesis site and very popular multi author blog and we have had a couple chats on the good and bad of blogging this way. So I thought this would be a great post for bloggers to see what it REALLY takes to run a multi author blog.

Clear your mind, and get ready, you are about to discover how I’ve managed to run a multi-author blog and you will judge by yourself whither blogging is meant to be a single player game or not.




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