Government spies on medical professionals?

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I’m not sure what you call this, I know what I call it, when a government employee calls a medical service provider “pretending” to be an actual customer when they aren’t.

If this is okay with you then please move to a more suitable European nation, preferably Italy or Spain. Goodbye.

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On Tuesday evening, after being

by the New York
, the Obama
plans to have “mystery shoppers” call primary care physicians
to determine how easy or difficult it is to get a doctor’s
appointment and whether being part of a government health insurance
program impacted that ease or difficulty.

As the Times noted, “the decision [to abandon the
“mystery shopper” plan], after criticism from doctors and
politicians, represents an abrupt turnabout. On Sunday night,
officials at the health department and the White House staunchly
defended the survey as a way to measure access to primary care, and
insisted that it posed no threat to privacy.”




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