Apple wins wide ranging patent suit

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Apple owns the patent to the mobile touch screen…

If you want to dance with the devil sue the bugger. Or at least as close as you can get. Nokia and Samsung have been sparring in court with no-holds-barred Apple over various technology patents for the last several months and one by one they are coming before the judge.

In technology and art it’s not who actually did something first it’s who patented or otherwise protected it first. In a few of these cases it appears apple may have been the first to submit the paperwork. Unlike a business name or trade-name patents go by date filed not the date first used in commerce. (I’m not a lawyer, I’m a multiple lawsuit winner :)

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In wireless lawsuit fray, Apple snags mobile touchscreen patent

As computer maker Apple battles several patent-related lawsuits with Nokia, Samsung and other competitors related to the wireless functionality of its popular iPhone, iPod and iPad products, the company was awarded a patent on Tuesday involving how a user interacts with a mobile device’s touchscreen display.




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