With the Groupon IPO the hot topic of the day – what happened to the first $1Billion?

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If you were going to lend your cousin $100 wouldn’t you want to know what he did with the $50 he just got a few minutes ago?

I’m not interested in Groupon for myself. If I had the power to get in big then get out quickly, perhaps within hours, maybe I’d go in. Maybe Groupon can outbest the competition but everybody has a freakin’ Groupon knockoff today. I know 7 people personally who run one fairly successfully and I just developed one scratch for a company with a really nice looking plan to dominate a huge sector of the market.

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Where Did Groupon’s Billion Dollars Go?

In January, Groupon raised $950 million. By the end of March, it had $209 million in cash.

What happened to all that money?




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