The science of selecting keywords

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You can just write and hope – affectionately known in a former life as “spray and pray” or you can know what to do, how do to it and what to expect. More importantly you can know what to do if what you expect does not occur.

It’s “just SEO” …

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The science and reward of selecting the right keywords

“I am number one on Google”, she proclaimed proudly.

“For which keywords are you number one?” I had to know.

Of course we all know what is coming, “For my name!”

Which is? “Alavedia Vaazteroves.”

Sure, that’s a silly intro yet it does paint the picture. Unless our very fictitious Alavedia has some celebrity chances are Alavedia Vaazteroves skews very low in Google search results. Which, for the purpose of this very short article, is our only concern.





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