How do you know when you are succeeding?

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Funny. I can tell you how to find out when you are succeeding but only you can tell when you are truly succeeding. We read and hear so much theory we forget to rely on what really matters: achieving goals.

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Quantifying success: Only you truly know when you are succeeding

A few days ago there was a post by Yet Another Social Media Guru who was giving a formula for success via social media marketing. His list included a few “dos” and “don’ts” but it never really dealt with the heart of the matter: what are your goals?
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In his short and elementary post he included a “do not” that many do and from which they enjoy a great amount of success. In his encounter with this author away from the post he did not quite admit his goal was to “get more comments and likes” but certainly alluded to that result. So this poses the question which begs to be answered: what are your goals and how do you measure them?




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