YouTube to broadcast the Superbowl?

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Not likely to see big time pro sporting events on YouTube any time soon but is this a step in the direction that puts players like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix in the top spots where NBC, ABC and CBS dominated throughout the 20th century?

The better question, and please share the answer if you have one, is “how can citizen journalists monetize their efforts by producing and publishing content?”

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$100M Revamp Will Make YouTube a TV Competitor

“We’re entering a new phase in the evolution of television. Phase one was broadcast. Phase two was cable, and now this third phase is ‘connected TV,'” Sterling said. “Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, possibly, are the aspiring CBS, NBC and ABC of this new connected-TV era.”

YouTube also rolled out what it’s calling YouTube Next. The new team will take on the task of driving content development and helping YouTube content partners grow and monetize their broadcasts.




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