HiDef video intro (lead-in) for $5

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Ever wish you had a nice lead-in to brand your videos for YouTube, Vimeo, Photobucket, etc? Normally this could cost $30 or more – right now only $5. Yes, FIVE BUCKS. And it includes theme music, licensed to you so no lawsuits, your image(s) and your title text.

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Video Production: Intro clip for your video for $5 – yes, it’s true. I will create an HD and web quality 10 second intro like this one for you for $5. You ever heard of That’s what inspired me. You send me 1 image, three bits of text and tell me if you want, rock, metal, country, jazz, orchestra, or club (techno) music. I will do the text, your image and create custom music for you. 10 second leaders that fade in and fade out that can be used with Windows Movie Maker or any other video editing software. This is the hi-def version. 1.16 gigabytes. You will also get a web quality version – for this same clip about 1.7 megabytes.




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