It’s not just gas prices – look at FOOD prices

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Seriously, you think things are “okay”? You think the economy is stabilized and “acceptable”? For those of us who remember the run-up under the Carter administration after the housing bubble popped and mortgage interest rates soared to 20% we know this looks and feels very similar.

Gas was about 50-60 cents a gallon before the crash and skyrocketed to $1.20 or more during Carter’s “reign”. Of course it never went back down after the crisis was over.

Gas prices may be headed to $4 a gallon under lord Obama but that’s not the dangerous part. Food prices are up double percentage points just since Obama took office and there is no sign they are slowing down … “costs will necessarily skyrocket” Obama said of his Cap and Trade plan before he was elected.

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Soaring Food Prices:Compare Cost Increases

You’re paying as much as 69% more over the past two years for common kitchen staples, like eggs, bread, milk, chicken and more. Take a look at over 20 items to see how much prices have risen over 24 months.(Figures are based on the U.S. city average as of Jun. 30, 2008, from the Department of Labor’s CPI.)




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