Why you are wasting your time on Twitter

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Of course not everyone is. You may be … I’m certainly not. Some of my closest connections certainly are not. Is it time to rethink the old “chatroom fellowship” method of network building? Perhaps it is simply time to take a re-look at your expectations …

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Never having been accused of being the quiet type it has been a lifetime challenge to keep my opinion to myself. Yet when I hear people say or read people’s writing talking about the waste of time Twitter is it piques my interest. Listen, I’m the first to admit anchovy pizza isn’t for everyone but if 25% of my prospective relationships like anchovy pizza it’s worth a try. Learning how to talk about the anchovies, knowing what compliments their flavor, other intricate details about anchovies – that is my duty if I intend to serve.

Twitter Fail WhaleSo you’re on Twitter and it’s a waste of time. Well, let’s look at what you do on Twitter. Here are three ways almost guaranteed to lead to failure:

Why you are wasting your time on Twitter




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