Stop websites from tracking you by opting out?

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Interesting concept … highly not likely to work but certainly a starting point for conversations. The fact is browser coders can easily fix this and any user can interact with the simple fix. Anyone who has ever coded the most basic of web browsers or plugins already knows this.

We don’t need the government messing around with any more of the internet. Of course if the lawyers have their way the government will get involved. It’s candy jar money for the attorneys when the government gets involved. My attorney and attorney friends are nothing like those guys of course.

Rather than submitting their names on a centrally maintained list, consumers would use a tool on their Web browsers to signal that they do not wish to be tracked or to receive targeted advertising. Leibowitz said Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have all experimented with do-not-track technology on their browsers. [Washington Post]

Currently, millions of Internet users who want to opt out of behavioral tracking have to navigate their browser privacy controls, download plug-ins or opt out by clicking on an icon near an ad that is part of the industry self-regulatory program. The report recommends that companies adopt simpler, more transparent and streamlined ways of presenting consumers with their options rather than the “long, incomprehensible privacy policies that consumers typically do not read, let alone understand.” [Washington Post]




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