No Due Process = Revolution

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Look. I really don’t care about your viewpoint if you disagree: the DHS under Janet Napolitano is completely out of control. If this story is true that there was no due process, no service on the owners, and these sites were “confiscated” the resounding impact from the general public must be swift and overwhelming. Just as it has been over the treatment of good citizens wanting nothing more than to fly without having their genitals photographed or fondled.

Then again I’m all for common sense – which is in question about Ms. Napolitano. Read the story for yourself …

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Homeland Security Seizes 70+ Websites for Copyright and Trademark Violations

The U.S. government’s crackdown on file sharing and counterfeiting has taken a new and disturbing turn.

Yesterday, we reported that the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement office had seized, a site that linked to other sites that hosted and shared torrent files of copyrighted material. The news itself was not too unusual; what struck us as out of order was that the site had been shut down without the owner being notified and without a court conviction or, to our knowledge, any other legal proceedings.




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