A Foursquare badge for your “package”

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From time to time something comes along that unites the left, right and anarchist. Well thank you Janet Napolitano and the TSA for feeling up little children, old men and pretty girls. Now you can get a Foursquare badge for the humility of it all.

I think if they want to feel me I’ll just drop trou and let everyone have a good look. Either that coat myself with peanut butter so the feel around for a really long time wondering what that gooey, sticky mess is. Actually that’s all tongue very firmly in cheek. I am highly opposed to the way Napolitano and the TSA have handled passenger checks from day one. Fire her, prosecute them, get someone with some actual intelligence and common sense to handle the process.

Oh, you want to know how to get the badge …

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Baggage handler badge on Foursquare

TSA Badge FoursquareHave you seen it? Now you have! I was surprised when I checked in at Hartsfield International Airport (still in protest of them adding the Jackson to it so I omit it by design) and thanked the TSA for taking the time to “grope my package”. Although I was not personally assaulted I thought it would be a smart-ass thing to say. Then I got a badge!




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