Great gift idea: $25 restaurant certificates for $2 each!

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I first discovered these about 4 or 5 years ago and since then @myracook and I have personally used a couple dozen of these and we have given dozens away as closing gifts, door prizes and personal gifts to friends and families.

Since they just introduced the gift “card” instead of gift certificate I just order 50 of them for $3 each and I’m really looking forward to including them in some Christmas cards and gift baskets. (Hint: the best restaurants sell out first so don’t wait too long :)

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Great Holiday gift opportunity: $25 Restaurant Gift Cards for $3 each

Good at thousands of restaurants nationwide!

Pardon me for the “spammy” interruption but I think you’ll find the “meat” is in this deal. Myra and I buy and use gift certificates from this group all of the time. This is something new in that it is a gift card – not a certificate. But here’s some really great news: the gift certificates are available for $2 each (for $25 certificates).




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