10 blog topics to spike your traffic

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It’s a favored question at events where new users and seekers can be found: what should I blog about? Without stopping at anything here are some top ranking questions. Keep in mind if you get 10 visits a day a “spike” in traffic could be a day with 14 visits. These topic won’t raise your blog to notoriety by their selves but they can definitely help.

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10 topics to blog about

If you have ever been to one TweetUp, Barcamp, or any type of social media event where a lot of entry level bloggers gather you have heard this question, “What should I write about?” The ubiquitous answer, of course, is “whatever you like – whatever you enjoy”.

Agreeably that is the correct answer in most cases. If you like to snow ski write about it. If you like to knit write about it.

The next question is, “how often should I blog”? That answer is almost always, “it doesn’t matter so long as it is regularly”. Again, I agree. In fact those are my answers. With this short post we can take it to the next step with a few questions a little research says are important to the average American family that you can blog about right now and increase your traffic.

To increase your traffic write you blog then come back here and put the link in a comment – it’s one of the few times you can get away with linking in comments! And now, without further adieu, are 10 topics to help make your general purpose blog zing:




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