Seems to be a theme this week, eh @bnix?

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My friend Brad Nix put his toes in the Mac pool last week. I used to swim in the Mac pool but several years ago left, never to return. My leaving was more of a reflection on the Steve Jobs attitude toward life than a complete disdain of the overpriced, under-served product. On fact one of the main reasons I left was because of the cost of feature/results per feature/results software available for Mac vs PC. When I found out most professional video studios preferred PC to Mac that was good enough for me so I donated the last of my Macs and never looked back.

It doesn’t mean *wouldn’t* own a Mac, it just means I have no intention of every *purchasing* a Mac and seriously consider using it for any real purpose. The features that made Brad write a check are not important to me but they may be important to you so here is Brad’s article:

And here’s the ZDnet article below:

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I’m switching to a Mac. Here’s how (and why)

It’s true. I’m switching to a Mac. Of course, I’ll be switching back to a PC shortly after, and then switching back to the Mac sometime later, and then back and forth – switching from Mac to PC and vice versa – for the foreseeable future.

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