That photo you just tweeted may lead directly to your home

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Really I’ll let these guys explain – after all, they created in an effort to educate people about the dangers of geotagged images posting to the open web.

While they are not the only people onto this and it’s certainly not “news” they did take the time to create a website with an eye-catching name. In fact here is another, older site, with good info about image geotagging:

Amplify’d from

I Can Stalk U

Raising awareness about inadvertent information sharing

Did you know that a lot of smart phones encode the location of where pictures are taken? Anyone who has a copy can access this information.

Mayhemic Labs is an independent security research team whose primary goal is “to do cool stuff.” Among their specialties are
vulnerability and malware research, penetration testing, reverse engineering, breaking fault tolerant systems, cloud security, static software analysis,
code development, surveillance and counter-surveillance, and business logic attacks. More about their projects can be found at




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