Does Microsoft have the horsepower to kill banner ads for good?

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I agree that banner ads can be annoying but not nearly annoying as pop-unders, pop-overs, AJAX and DHTML floaters and … you get the picture. If it makes a noise or obstructs my view *that* is annoying Carolyn. Banner ads? If they don’t flash lime green and yell about occasionally having diarrhea I’m probably okay with them.

Reinvent that.

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Microsoft Looks to Reinvent Display Ads

Gobal ad sales chief Carolyn Everson has conclusion: banner ads stink.

Oct 19, 2010

– Mike Shields, Mediaweek

After her
first 100 days on the job, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of
global ad sales Carolyn Everson has reached this conclusion: banner
ads stink. With this in mind, she’s planning to reach out to a
partner less familiar to the software/media giant — the creative
community — for help.

Indeed, Microsoft is planning to set up a series of meetings with
creative agencies and executives as part of an Everson-led effort
to reinvigorate online creative and to attract more traditional
brands in the process. Everson, previously COO and evp of U.S. ad
sales at MTV Networks, wants to sit down with the current
generation of Don Drapers and spark nothing short of a

“We have to completely reinvent display advertising,” she said.
“The digital industry faces [the] challenge [of convincing
advertisers] that the Internet is a good place to build a brand.
That’s why I want to reach out to the creative community. That’s
priority No. 1.”



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