Turn $1 into $4400 with Iraqi Dinars … ORLY?

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I remember when some very close friends bought into the “German bearer bonds scam” from Jim Gilmore on the back of an SBC Chorco – Les Chorlton designed scam that did not end with Chorlton’s killing. Supposedly $1000 invested was to return $10,000,000 or some equally ridiculous number.

Research it yourself:

The thing about a scam is that it is seasoned with the truth. Sometimes they are statements that simply cannot be disproven and therefore “must be true”. The dinar scam is not immune. “Bush signed a contract”, “the dinar is powered by Iraqi crude investments” and similar pepperings exist in this story.

Read on, this is not a new story but it is picking up new “investors” every day:

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The Iraqi Dinar Scam

Published on April 4, 2007 by <a rel="nofollow" href="; title="Posts by Ender“>Ender in Investing

Are you thinking of investing in the New Iraqi Dinar? Make sure you know all the facts. This article covers the scams associated with the Dinar, and a comparison of the prices of online sellers.

If you bought 1 million New Iraqi Dinars at the current exchange rate (costing you $677), and then waited for the dinar to climb back to the Saddam exchange rate, your million dinars would now be worth 3 million US dollars. You would have turned 677 US Dollars into 3 Million US dollars.

Then why does the Utah Division of Securities, list the selling of the New Iraqi Dinar as number two in their list of the Ten Most Common Scams?




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