Starbucks getting hungry for your dollars

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Starbucks. Remember how anti-capitalist they were supposed to be? There were supposed to be the cool, social coffee spot embracing European fluffery and serving coffees with funny names and sizes you’ve never heard of. Well, seems they are tired of losing your capital, and significant amounts of it, to MacDonald’s.

I have a real capitalist idea for Starbucks: start serving coffee that doesn’t taste like it came from the bottom of a 3 year old fry-daddy then tossed into a grass fire, set a reasonable price and tell your employees to smile and serve instead of being so condescending (reference to my only visit to a Starbucks this year in Cary, North Carolina.)

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Starbucks hopes free songs, e-books lure customers

Starbucks is adding a venti-sized dollop of free books, news and entertainment to its Internet offerings starting Wednesday.

The coffee chain’s new digital network promises customers free e-books, movies and other exclusives, including free access to some paid Web sites such as The Wall Street Journal, is meant to get customers spending more on drinks and content they buy through the site.




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