Are you talking about a home appraisal or home inspection?

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There is a difference. One is very useful to the lender the other is most useful to the buyer or owner.

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While eating dinner with my wife at one of our favorite Mexican Cantinas, which also happens to be less than a mile from home, we overheard two other diners discussing something we know quite a bit about. What caught my ears was when one of the ladies said to the other, “So she pulls into my driveway in her Porsche and gets out in a tight black dress and heels and I think to myself, ‘this girl is not dressed to crawl around in my attic and crawl space’.”

It was at that point I realized she, like countless others, likely does not know the difference between an appraisal and an inspection. Chances are more people do not know the difference than do. In fact I run into it regularly in my own work when people say things like, “the guy didn’t check the outlets or water pressure or anything”.




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