@Skype changes – ho hum or golden?

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Kind of not really excited yet … maybe I need a rep from Skype to come on and wake me from my slumber.

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Skype 5.0 – has a Facebook interface. Big whoop?

Imagine pitching this to a group of investors, “So you see there’s this tab here that says Facebook. What that will let you do is see your friend’s Facebook updates inside of Skype.”

Investors, “okay, what else?”

You pitching Skype 5.0, “well you can have your Facebook update be your status update on Skype.”

Investors, “wow. Not.”

You pitching Skype 5.0, “wait, wait! I read this in Information Week: ‘Along with the newsfeed, users can also view a Facebook phonebook from within Skype, which displays a list of all of their friends who can be called through phone, SMS or Skype. This was a nice feature for quickly contacting a friend without having to dig elsewhere for call information.’”

Investors, “okay, better.”

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