So if I GPS someone’s car, that’s legal?

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News flash for the federal courts: If I ever find a GPS device on ANYTHING that belongs to me (other than things I know have a GPS device) and I didn’t give permission to put it there you can expect a lot of action to follow.

Look, I’m all about the safety and defense of America. In most ways more than anything I have seen come out of DC. The act of placing a GPS device on anyone’s car without a warrant, however, is a totally different story … read on.

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Several days ago a 20-year-old student discovered a GPS tracking device hidden on his car. After his friend posted a picture of it online, speculating about its ties to a secret FBI investigation, the feds themselves came a-knockin’,
according to They wanted their toy back.

The question of whether or not sticking a GPS on a car is legal is actually in the middle of a hot debate right now. One federal court recently said that it was legal, while another said that tracking for an “extended period of time” would in fact require a warrant. (For more on this, here’s
a great piece in Time written by lawyer and tech journalist Adam Cohen.)




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