Still talking about QR Codes, yes I am!

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I’m still talking about them because I have some really cool stuff in my pocket and it has a lot to do with QR Codes, location based social and location based marketing, and you! In fact, join the Tuesday Thunder chat on the topic at and listen to Social Media Edge Radio, too! We’re going to talk QR for sure!

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In 1994 DENSO, a division of Toyota, created a 2 dimensional scanner code to replace the single plane barcode. Over the last 16 years a lot has happened but the biggest effect on the proliferation of this code is the number of hand held scanner units in daily use across America. This refers to, of course, your smart phone.

QR Code Generator for Real EstateHaving bee in use for decades the standard U.P.C. (bar code) symbol encodes 14 numeric digits. Obviously in an era when all inventory is digitized for fast scanning and control this is a very limiting number especially as we switch to a more global system of tracking. The challenge was to come up with a quickly recognizable image which could hold many times more information and still fit on a small inventory sticker.

Developers at DENSO introduced the QR Code (a registered trademark of DENSO-WAVE Corporation) and it has been seen on shipping labels, packaging labels, parts, inventory items, and more for a decade and a half. It was the advent of scanning applications like ScanLife and Google Goggles which rapidly accelerated their use into a new world of opportunity.

The QR Code holds a much higher amount of information. In fact it can hold up to 4,296 characters of alpha-numeric data. That’s a good page of information!

QR Code Generator for Real Estate

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