Foursquare and Health Month – new badge

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Like many other things in the Net 2.0 world what starts as a game matures into life changing continuum. Health Month is just one more piece in the changing, immensely engaged culture in which we are living.

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Health Month, the game

You want to be healthier. You even know how to do it. If you had to.

It has just never quite become important enough to be prioritized over all the great, fun, and tasty reasons to be a little less healthy (oh sweet unhealthiness). That, and changing habits is not only difficult, but sometimes scary, right? You wonder if people will still like you if you say no to that 6th drink or that office cupcake.

The formula for living healthier has 4 ingredients: 1) the information (you have most of that, and we can help fill gaps), 2) the ability (you have that too), 3) the motivation (who doesn’t want to be healthier, at least a little bit, right?), and 4) the fun and sustainable trigger. The reason. The self-challenge.
The game that helps you live healthy, not because you have to, but because it’s fun.

The game starts on the first of every month. Feel like living healthy, just for fun?




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