Post, fire, sue – Facebook is life

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Facebook is no longer “a part of life” as television or radio is a part of life. Facebook is life repeated. I find this article quite interesting and if the complainant is accurate in her allegations believe she likely has a strong case.

I’m also from the south where “good ol’ boyism” is somewhat akin to Chicago hard core gangster politics. I’ll be watching this suit for sure.

Be sure to listen in to and read because we always find something like this to talk about!

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Bus driver sues, saying she was fired over Facebook post

Former school bus driver Michele Threlkeld has filed a lawsuit against  Buford City Schools Superintendent Geye Hamby (pictured) and Transportation Director Brenda Brown, saying she was fired over a post on her Facebook page.

Threlkeld said the uproar was over an article she posted from the Gwinnett Daily Post, along with the cryptic comment “today’s humor.”

The March 2 article stated the Buford City School District was planning to install artificial turf at Buford High School’s football and band practice fields at a cost of $632,000. On the newspaper’s website, several readers posted comments reproaching the school district for spending money on artificial turf at the same time it was laying off teachers and staff.

A few days after she posted the link, Threlkeld was called into Hamby’s office, according to the lawsuit. Threlkeld said Hamby scolded her about the posting, claimed she had humiliated him and the rest of the administrators, and asked her to remove the link from her Facebook page. Hamby also notified her that she had “put a big target on her back,” Threlkeld said in her lawsuit.

A few months later, the school system transportation director, Brown, handed Threlkeld a letter terminating her employment. Weaver noted the district hired three new drivers this school year.




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