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Today’s edition includes great content from @ines @shelisrael @jaybaer @chrisheuer @kriscolvin and many more! Check it out …

Amplify’d from – UPDATE:  Chris Bosh from The Miami Heat has bought this incredible home for $12.5 Million according to The Miami Herald (We’ll confirm as soon as it closes on the MLS).Chris Bosh is da’ bomb!! ….re… – Last night Hubby and I went to another Social Media Club St. Louis event, this one was Social Media + Family. If you aren’t familiar with it, Social Media Club is a worldwide group of localized cha… – About this projectThanks for all the initial feedback everybody!If you’d like to know a little bit more of the backstory, we wrote a blog post about it:… – Despite a somewhat tepid reception last year for an earlier version of theiPhone, customers in China turned out in force Saturday to try to get their hands on the latest incarnation, the iPhone 4, … – Now, marketing is the center of American business.
Why? because through social media, customers are praising and criticizing companies in public in a way that requires marketing to triage and respo…




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