Got an Evo and want to delete all emails?

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It’s really a lot more simple than you think. If you’re a former Blackberry user you know to keep hitting the BB button no matter which screen you’re on. With Evo you just keep hitting the menu button and you’ll discover all sorts of things. Think of sub-menus on your PC or Mac.

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Go to your email on your phone then select: Menu, hit delete, hit menu again, click select all, then hit delete or first uncheck any messages you want to keep. You will want to make sure your settings are correct though. If you want to delete the messages on your email server along with your phone,  then make sure the check box is checked. The way to check is go to you email on your phone. Then hit menu, select more,click on settings, click on send and receive then either check the “delete mail on server” or uncheck it depending on your preference. Hope that helps!




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