Photo editor online – takes the cake!

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Since the day Corel finally and completely ruined Paint Shop Pro I’ve been looking for a lightweight photo editor that would do the quick changes I needed. I like Gimp but mostly because it’s free. Gimp is not “that easy” to use. Though it is simple.

Photoshop is a huge application and takes up far too much space for a simple blogger’s image editor. Corel, in their effort to make PSP compete with Adobe’s PS made every mistake you can. In fact I purchased the newest version and immediately deleted it. No thanks Corel – just keep my $100. You’ve managed to take an image editor I have loved for 15 years and turn it into a piece of crap that’s too bulky, too difficult to use for simple edits and doesn’t come close to Photoshop in any stretch of the imagination.

There, I feel better. Now the good news.

Pixlr has my attention. Though they have been around for a while I only recently “needed” to use there service. Part of my job at work is to give social awareness to our services. That means social media and blogging. The trouble is my work PC has a very slow processor, low RAM and a small hard drive. The reason for this is we do everything in the cloud – which means no installs of third party software on work stations.

Enter Pixlr – no download, no install and no money!

I could go on about them but give it a try for yourself and let me know what you think. This will certainly be a topic on Social Media Edge ( in the very near future.


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