Facebook Will Hit $2 Billion 2010 Revenue

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To be as customer service disorganized or unmotivated that’s a serious amount of cash. Imagine if Ford said, “you can buy and drive our car but if at any time we decide we want it we’re just going to take it and there isn’t a damned thing you can do about it”. Or less dramatically, “you can buy the blue one but at any time if we decide to change your wheels and the color we reserve that right”.

I am not a Facebook fan – but I am a Facebook junkie. Still I do not trust them with anything. They have nothing original of mine except a the few lines of “news stream” I feed them every day. There are no single copies of “notes” nor are there any photos or videos which exist solely on FB.

Zuckerburg is still too young and too inexperienced to deserve the fullness of my trust or support. The young part will go away and the inexperienced part will, too. But Gates and Jobs have never learned to be good providers because they have never been consumers. Sucks to be them.

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I haven’t poked around on the Facebook CFO’s laptop for a while now (those were the days!), so I don’t have anything better to report. Except this – fairly senior Facebook employees are telling their friends that the company will hit and just exceed $2 billion in revenue this year. Part of this is just talking to friends. And part of it is recruiting.




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